Thai Ladyboy

August 6, 2008

Sawadee Ka

Hello, my name is Kat and I am Thai ladyboy now living in London. I came to london 1 years ago. Sorry my english still not good, but am get better so excuse me for bad typing !

I make a website about ladyboys where you can find free ladyboy pics, here you can find many pics about ladyboys and shemales, in particular I have picture many many of Thai and oriental ladyboys, or asian ladyboys, also known as katoey which is Thai language for ladyboy !

I have group together many many pics of ladyboys in the ladyboy tgp. Most of free ladyboy pictures I have are of young slim and very pretty thai ladyboys and thai shemales. Also I have many free ladyboy movies, in my free ladyboy gallery  these are mpegs and videos, you dont have to pay they are 100% free.

I grew up in thailand and from when I am young then I am not a boy and think I am a girl apart from I have you know what. In thailand every family seem to have at least one ladyboy – we call them katoey. Even some family have more than one. we dont know why !

I dont want to operation anywhere, like some ladyboy do, I just want to dress up like girl and act like girl – also I am liking men and not ladies.

I have many ladyboy friends, but none in england and miss them all, I know many of ladyboy who are famous on the internet most of them before working in Bangkok, a few in soi 4 and lots in pattunam have famous ladyboy bars here, but I never did bar working before.

Because of the ladyboy websites then some ladyboy can make big money now, these ladyboy website sell membership to men who want to look at sexy pictures of ladyboys and watch sexy movies of ladyboys, and these website make money big big. so ladyboy become famous on the internet and happy happy because making money and no need working in bay anymore.

A friend of me is very famous ladyboy, but since she want on internet then she well known and every day many men sent email her asking to meet. She find a rich man now, lucky girl !

He dont want her anymore take pictures for internet, some more friends can take one year salary for one day work, although salary much lower than here in england, ok this is first writing on new ladyboy blog here, soon I am writing more about ladyboy and ladybody life in bangkok there are lots of funny stories and experiences I will write about, from me and lots of my ladyboy friends in Thailand.

Kat xx